Corporate Clients

Who We Are

Woodlands Relo Group is a boutique relocation company providing customized corporate relocation services for companies and their transferees. Utilizing our industry knowledge and vast network of professional partners, we work closely with our clients to ensure each relocation experience is positive for the entire family. Our personalized concierge service, attention to detail and strong communication with both the corporate client and transferee enables us to effectively manage the entire moving process.

What We Do

Woodlands Relo Group partners with companies to manage their employees’ domestic relocation needs in both origin and destination. Services include housing, logistics, mortgage, expense management, personal concierge, spouse and family services and more.

WRG not only provides the transferee with expert assistance on major decisions such as home marketing and home finding, but we pride ourselves in offering guidance on those smaller (but also important) details such as finding a new doctor, vet, painter, gym or preschool in their new surroundings. Our top priority is to make sure our transferees receive excellent concierge service and have a positive relocation experience in all aspects of their move.

WRG understands that a corporate relocation affects the entire family, and works closely to understand their individual needs to provide personalized service. We want them to feel at home in their new surroundings, because we understand that when transferees are happy it leads to higher employee satisfaction and retention.

Benefits of Partnering With WRG include:

  • Customized, high-level of service and communication
  • End-to-end relocation services for transferee including a personal concierge, home selling and finding, temporary housing, mortgage services, policy counseling and more 
  • Expense management
  • Reduced HR hours – we handle the logistics
  • Concierge service for transferees and their families utilizing the same concierge from beginning to end
  • Preferred professional, service and community provider network
  • Secure login access which provides access to customized information
  • Increased satisfaction and employee retention
  • Continued services even after the employee relocation, including access to preferred community providers and discounts on services

What We Believe

Woodlands Relo Group is committed to remaining a unique “boutique experience”. By definition, a boutique in and of itself is a small, exclusive business offering customized service.  But, providing a “boutique experience” requires much more. We believe accessibility for our customers, commitment to providing quality service, and an overall general flexibility allows us to customize our services building loyal, lifetime customer relationships.

Connect With WRG

We’d love to discuss how WRG can help your company’s employee domestic relocation needs. We’ll chat with you to understand your company’s goals and provide a temporary log-in so you can see for yourself why so many others turn to WRG. Once we fully understand your needs, we’ll provide a customized proposal outlining how we can help meet your objectives.

Contact us at or 281-363-5879