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We realize you may not ever even visit our physical office. We actually have lots of fun around here though, and we want to share that with you

WRG OnLocation

Let’s talk about a service we began providing back in November…

You may have been following our videos and reviews of local Onlocation Layoutbusinesses on our web page or YouTube channel.  But, chances are, you are not yet familiar with what we are calling “WRG OnLocation”. These are quick little videos that feature one of our team members reviewing and showing you (our audience) different locations and businesses around The Woodlands.


We are building a library of these reviews just for you! Here’s a quick little FAQ to help you get a better picture idea of what it is:

What is WRG OnLocation?

Video and Photo reviews and features of local businesses and events going on in the area.

Are they fun and entertaining or stiff and boring?

Ok, now this may be a question you might not have ever actually asked but I’m sure are wondering.  Honestly, OnLocation has stretched us a bit.  But, each video gets better and better!  They are set to fun music and feature film, photo, and a personal review. I don’t think we’re in danger of Hollywood calling anytime soon, but I happen to think they’re pretty entertaining!

Where can I find the videos?

They are posted on our web site: under the OnLocation tab

You can also find them on our YouTube channel.  Subscribe to our channel, and you will get updates when we have uploaded new ones.

Who is in the videos?

Our concierge staff and other members of our team, including yours truly!

What if I want to know about somewhere that has not yet been featured?

ASK! We LOVE suggestions, and we LOVE doing these videos for you.  Send us out there to do your research for you!

Why have I not seen these before?

Well, that’s a great question.  We do send emails out when videos are available.  Sometimes, firewalls and SPAM filters send them to your junk mailbox if you are using your work address for our weekly updates.  All you have to do to get beyond that process is whitelist our email address. Do this even if you get our weekly updates.  We send the video emails out from another service that SPAM filters often pick up.

Can I receive them at a different email address?

Absolutely! Click here to change or add an email addresses or other contact info:

Here’s a fun fact:  One of our recent videos we featured about Gino’s East was actually shared on Facebook by Gino’s East of Chicago.  They have 26,000 followers!  We were really excited about that oneJ Take a look:

I don’t think any of us will be up for “Reporter of Year”, but hopefully, we’re you’re getting to see some great places to visit and businesses to take advantage of here in The Woodlands!

Julie Adcock Woodlands Relo Group Operations Manager

Julie Adcock
Woodlands Relo Group
Business Development

On Location with WRG

Have you ever wondered what your favorite radio DJ looks like?  Or, have you ever been curious just who is under that Chick Fil A cow costume? What about your Woodlands Relo Group concierge? You know what they sound like, but what do they actually look like?

Well, we may not be able to uncover the Chick Fil A cow identity for you, but we can show you what we look like. We are launching a brand new way of communicating with you where you will (like it or not) get to see what we look like!

Instead of just telling you about The Woodlands, we want to show you The Woodlands.  So, we will be working to take quick snapshots and videos like the one above so you can experience the area, “On Location”, for yourself. These will be entertaining and informative glimpses of how people spend their time here in The Woodlands, as well as the surrounding areas.

We are so excited about this new addition to our Concierge service! And, although it’s lots of fun and sometimes light-hearted, we are keeping our main objective at the forefront.  We simply want to help you acclimate to your new area and help The Woodlands feel like home.  ENJOY!!!

Another Fantastic Relocation Fair

Our 2nd relo fair turned out toIMG_8293 be a huge success! After lots of hard work it was amazing to see the event come together.  The Texas theme made vendors think hard about their home state and come up with creative ideas like sponsoring armadillo races, a mechanical bull, and even a petting zoo.  Transferees had both an amazing time and received tons of information about The Woodlands, which made it a fantastic day!

As soon as you walked into the ballroom, you could see a huge assortment of vendors with their elaborately decorated booths, posters, and banners.  One of them brought a popcorn machine; another brought cupcakes; and a third a pinwheel to raffle frisbees, cups and candy.  Vendors brought many marketing materials such as hats, bags, and brochures to pass around, and the giant RE/MAX balloon made its first appearanceKid1 at a WRG relo fair, which was a great addition to the decoration.  Kids were kept busy while their parents spoke with vendors.  They received all kinds of balloon figures from the Liberty Mutual sponsored table.  The Children’s Museum, sponsored by Wells Fargo, brought fun arts and crafts for them to enjoy.  And last but not least, they played with a fluffy white puppy, bunnies, and ducks at the indoor petting zoo.

The booths and activities weren’t all the transferees were able to enjoy.  Jacci and Jeanne gave great presentations introducing everyone to what our area has to offer.  Relocating can be a little overwhelming because of the TWCC and Canongateamount of research that goes into it.  It’s not just new homes people search for; they need new schools, pediatricians, tutors, dance classes, and soccer clubs to name a few.  This introduction, and the fair in general, gave transferees a minute to relax and see that there are people who will gladly ease what could me a stressful time, and instead make it a memorable experience.

Overall, the relo fair was a great way to kick off the welcome weekend for CB&I transferees.  They experienced a taste of what The Woodlands has to offer and mingled over delicious coffee and breakfast.  This only leaves one question. Can we do this again???


Valeria Rodriguez
WRG Contributor