There’s No Place Like Home…


Isn’t it true?  There really is no place like home! For me, my home is in The Woodlands, Texas.  In my opinion, there’s nothing like it! A few of my favorite things about it…the schools, running trails, the parks, the family atmosphere, the small town feel with big city amenities, the variety of shopping and entertainment, my neighborhood, the ability to live, work and play here, and of course, the beautiful golf courses! I personally can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to call The Woodlands their home!

I was explaining this to a friend of mine the other day.  He lives in an apartment inside the loop in Houston.  I gave him my little sales pitch for living here, and his reply was, “Why would I care about the schools, the family atmosphere, or the neighborhoods? I’m not married, don’t have children, and really prefer not to own a home.”

Hmmmm – he did have a point.

So, perhaps the most incredible thing about The Woodlands isn’t  in the details or the individual amenities it has to offer families.  Perhaps the greatest reason to live in The Woodlands goes back almost 40 years to conceptualization. The Woodlands wasn’t just planned for families like mine.  From the beginning, the “master plan” was for it to become one of the most diverse places to live, work and play  catering to all ages and stages of life.  As The Woodlands continues to grow, we see more corporate development and quality businesses moving in.  Many companies like Chicago Bridge and Iron, Exxon, and Baker Hughes are naming The Woodlands, Texas as their corporate headquarters for those exact reasons.  Brownstones, Waterway apartment buildings, and “city” type living quarters also continue to be developed near corporate landing spaces making a commute minimal or even non-existent. Businesses like Whole Foods, Local Pour, and Trader Joe’s are just a few places that call The Woodlands home.

Relocating to The Woodlands has never been more exciting! There’s so much going on with growth and development.  Incredible amenities and businesses are being added almost on a weekly basis. Will your favorite be next? Or, is it already here? If you are moving to The Woodlands or considering it, I want to encourage you to do your research.  You might be surprised at just how much there is to know and learn about The Woodlands.  There really is no place like home! (especially when your home is in The Woodlands)

Julie Adcock Woodlands Relo Group Operations Manager

Julie Adcock
Woodlands Relo Group
Operations Manager

Exciting Week!

What an exciting week it has been for us here at WRG! (and it’s only Wednesday) Not only have we finally launched our web site, we have joined the world of social media.  Yes, that’s right…the Twitterverse will never be the same!


We’re committed to staying connected to our clients and transferees.  We have worked and will keep working to provide you with up to date resources and information.  Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or LinkedIn for interesting posts including articles, videos, links, and more.

Interested in knowing about the Houston area climate?  Need a night out on the town?  Need to know what the local shopping scene is like?  Or, what about the more immediate needs like finding a school for your children? What kind of utilities are available, and which ones should I use?  Where do I begin to find a new church?

We can help with all these requests and more!  Once you have confirmed you are relocating and receive your log in information, you will have 24 hour access to the destination guides on our site.  It’s like a manual for all things you might need or want to know.  And, for those things you need more information about…well, we have you covered there too.  You have access to your very own personal concierge who is committed to supporting you and your family needs.

And, don’t forget our network of  real estate professionals is there for you too.  Your agent can support you and fill in any gaps you may have.  Remember – you’re not alone!  Use our resources that are now YOUR resources, and let us be more than just helpful…let us be your friend!