Another Fantastic Relocation Fair

Our 2nd relo fair turned out toIMG_8293 be a huge success! After lots of hard work it was amazing to see the event come together.  The Texas theme made vendors think hard about their home state and come up with creative ideas like sponsoring armadillo races, a mechanical bull, and even a petting zoo.  Transferees had both an amazing time and received tons of information about The Woodlands, which made it a fantastic day!

As soon as you walked into the ballroom, you could see a huge assortment of vendors with their elaborately decorated booths, posters, and banners.  One of them brought a popcorn machine; another brought cupcakes; and a third a pinwheel to raffle frisbees, cups and candy.  Vendors brought many marketing materials such as hats, bags, and brochures to pass around, and the giant RE/MAX balloon made its first appearanceKid1 at a WRG relo fair, which was a great addition to the decoration.  Kids were kept busy while their parents spoke with vendors.  They received all kinds of balloon figures from the Liberty Mutual sponsored table.  The Children’s Museum, sponsored by Wells Fargo, brought fun arts and crafts for them to enjoy.  And last but not least, they played with a fluffy white puppy, bunnies, and ducks at the indoor petting zoo.

The booths and activities weren’t all the transferees were able to enjoy.  Jacci and Jeanne gave great presentations introducing everyone to what our area has to offer.  Relocating can be a little overwhelming because of the TWCC and Canongateamount of research that goes into it.  It’s not just new homes people search for; they need new schools, pediatricians, tutors, dance classes, and soccer clubs to name a few.  This introduction, and the fair in general, gave transferees a minute to relax and see that there are people who will gladly ease what could me a stressful time, and instead make it a memorable experience.

Overall, the relo fair was a great way to kick off the welcome weekend for CB&I transferees.  They experienced a taste of what The Woodlands has to offer and mingled over delicious coffee and breakfast.  This only leaves one question. Can we do this again???


Valeria Rodriguez
WRG Contributor