Halloween is over…now what?

Well, now that Halloween is over, it’s fast forward through the holidays.  How will you spend your holiday season here in The Woodlands?

In this week’s post, we wanted to give you a preview of some upcoming holiday traditions, shopping, and special events in the area.  It’s hard to believe, but most of the holiday markets are in November!

Where did the time go???time-passing-dj-set

This list also provides a variety of non-seasonal activities.  As much as we all love the holiday activities, sometimes you just need a break! 

AND, I especially want to point out that we took extra special care in making sure to add “manly” activities for you amongst all the holiday shopping hoopla…Food Truck Fest, Car Show, and Whiskey Dinner to name a few!

 Veterans Day

 Holiday Shopping & Markets

Holiday Lightings


Other Seasonal Activities

Non-Seasonal Activities ie. MANLY stuff

 Car/Gun Shows

 Food & Drink

I hope you find something you like, and we would love to hear all about it!  Share a post on one of our social media sites, all found at www.woodlandsrelogroup.com.  We want to see you all enjoying your new home!

Amy McLaughlin Personal Concierge

Amy McLaughlin
Personal Concierge