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As we are rolling into spring time, I know many people naturally want to add fresh produce into their daily routine. Several specialty produce stores have opened up in our area, and there are many options to get fresh, straight from the farm, healthy foods. The following is a list of local resources to get these kinds of foods.


The biggest news is that Whole Foods Market is opening here!  We are really excited to be able to shop at their newest location in Hughes Landing. The grand opening was Wednesday, March 18th!  Make plans to swing by early on your way into work that morning as there will be a grand opening ceremony, complete with free coffee and pastries from 7:30-8am.   Visit the webpage for details:

LogoAbout two years ago, Trader Joe’s opened up in Sterling Ridge. Trader Joe’s is a fun store, small in size with great service and so many amazing food items. You can find a great selection of so many yummy foods, and the Trader Joes brand is typically a great inexpensive option. They have many organic options and all items are well marked so you are an informed consumer. Trader Joe’s webpage and location:

Just outside of The Woodlands, on Kuykendahl Road, is a treasure called Sprouts Farmer’s Market.  Sprouts is a healthy grocery store that offers fresh, natural and organic foods at great prices.  Follow this link to get a 360 view of what to expect once you reach the store:  And here is the link for the address/contact information for the store located in Spring:  It’s much closer than you may think!

If you are looking for a true farmer’s market shopping experience, I have great news! Located in Grogan’s Mill, in the Grogan’s Mill grogans-mill-farmers-marketVillage Center, you can find the Grogan’s Mill Farmer’s Market. This shopping experience is open year round from 9am-noon on Saturdays.  If you are a true farmer’s market shopper, consider following this link to receive a weekly Friday newsletter that will let you know who and what will be available at the market the next day:

A great farmer’s market and berry picking combination can be found at Neal’s Berry Farm and Farmer’s Market. Their spring season has officially begun and they are now open Monday through Saturday 10am to 6pm. Neal’s boasts an “almost year round” farmer’s market that is truly one-stop shopping. They farmers-market-photo1offer produce, local honey, jams/jellies, free range eggs as well as dry pantry items. If you want to enjoy a day of berry picking, Neal’s offers three acres of blackberries! Also, for the home gardeners, you can find plants and plant cuttings. The hard to find heirloom tomato plant can be found here in early spring.  Neal’s is located in Spring just south of The Woodlands past Creekside Park.  For more information, please go to their website:

Another option for a great farmers market is just up the road in Conroe, where you will find a traditional farmer’s market on Saturday mornings from 9am – 2pm year round. Homegrown vegetables and in season fruit, farm fresh eggs, herb plants and local honey. There is even a baker that provides gluten free products and mail order connections to grass fed beef sources. This market is located at the corner of N. Main Street and Metcalf in the jury parking lot, across from Creighton Theater. I was not able to find a working website, but you can find them on Facebook:

1795For those who want to enjoy alfalfa grass fed raw cow and goat milk, you are in luck! Calico Dairy is just up the road in Conroe.  They are licensed by the State of Texas to offer raw dairy. You can also find organic free range eggs, cream, buttermilk and fresh butter.  You can follow them on Facebook ( or Google+ ( for up to date information.

Finally, for those of you who prefer to sleep in on Saturdays and have your produce gathered for you, I have an option!  Check out Rawfully Organic Co-op.  This is an incredibly flexible program without a membership fee. You can choose what weeks you would like delivery, if you would like a 1/2 or full order, or if you only would like fruit. If you need to skip a week or two, that is not a problem. You can also receive notification of what is in the box RawfullyOrganic1each week before you decide to order it. You can pick up your box at a designated volunteer’s home here in The Woodlands on your delivery day. You would just swing by and grab your box and continue on your way. You will be given the address of the Porch Pick Up Volunteer once you place your order, until then that information is not given out. For more information their website is:

I hope these suggestions help get you and your family enjoying local Texas organic produce this spring and in several options year round. If it is true that we are what we eat, then I wish you Bon Appetite with these healthy options.

Kimm Dwyer Personal Concierge and Blog Contributor

Kimm Dwyer
Personal Concierge and
Blog Contributor