The Woodlands Pathways

TWT.Hike.and.BikeI love The Woodlands Pathways. Did you know there is nearly 200 miles of them? They are widely used – and offer a safe option for either exercising or just getting around from a Village Center, to school, to  a neighborhood park and back. I will admit, I have gotten into trouble once or twice for not being completely aware of the “rules” associated with the Pathways – so I’ve compiled a list of some Do’s and Don’ts from The Woodlands Park and Recreation websites, as well as personal experience as to how the Pathways are used in practice.

• DO get a Park & Pathways Map from The Woodlands Township (, or access the online version here: (

DO use the Pathways for walking, bicycling, running and rollerblading.
DO familiarize yourself with all, or part, of the over 140 miles of Pathways in The Woodlands.
DON’T use the Pathways for any motorized vehicles, except wheelchairs.

• DO use the right-hand side of the Pathways for traveling.
Outdoor cross-country running in early sunrise concept for exercising, fitness and healthy lifestyleDO pass on the left-hand side of the Pathways.
DO alert others when you are approaching or passing.
DON’T have your earbuds turned up so loud you cannot hear the alerts of others approaching to pass.
DO consider using an app, like RunKeeper or Map My Walk, to help you track your mileage and keep you motivated to get outside!
DO consider running or biking on the road if you are maintaining a quick pace.
DON’T be afraid to join a biking or running club.  There are always spots for people who want to connect, whether you are a novice or a pro!  Here are just a few:

imagesDO be aware of the dismissal times of schools along the Pathways, as the Pathways do get congested at that time.
DO take water to stay hydrated, especially with our current temperatures!
DO research the progress of a new bike and pedestrian plan in The Woodlands (
DON’T try out those new running shoes for the first time!
DO keep dogs on a leash and clean up after them.
DO always yield to wheelchairs.
DO make yourself aware of Pathway events, such as Paint the Path Pink (
DO try websites like and to find mileage of routes frequently used by others in the community.
DON’T forget about all of the fitness events that happen right here in The Woodlands!

DO be safe and courteous to other users when on the Pathways.

Amy McLaughlin Personal Concierge and Blog Contributor

Amy McLaughlin
Personal Concierge and
Blog Contributor