After 7 corporate moves in 11 years, I finally made it to The Woodlands in 2013.  An important life lesson I, along with my family, have learned in relocating multiple times is to really embrace the new area that we call home.  But, it’s certainly much easier to do when there is something special about the area to get you excited.

For me, moving to Texas meant one thing…TEX MEX! I love Mexican food! And, anytime fresh homemade tortillas are available in every grocery store on every corner, you know there has got to be some amazing places to enjoy some Tex Mex love! tex mex

So, I have made it my personal challenge to try as much of the local fare as I can stand…for “research” purposes of course!  Below is the fruit of that “research” labor:

Chuy’s – They may have the best chips and salsa around.  Their chips are super thin, very salty and their creamy jalapeno sauce will have you coming back for more.  Located at 18035 I-45 Service Road (between Research Forest and SH 242), it can be challenging to get to right now with the road construction, but if you can hit it at an off peak time, I’m sure you will love it.

Lupe Tortilla – I am a big fan of their fajitas. I have lots of friends that swear by their menu. Located at 19437 I-45 Service Road (between Lake Woodlands and Research Forest Road), it is a little more accessible than Chuy’s right now.

Rico’s Mexican Grill – There are a few locations in the area.  I have been to the one in Alden Bridge Village Center (8000 Research Forest Dr) more than once and they have wonderful margaritas.  On Fridays, the Alden Bridge restaurant has live music.  The last artist we saw did covers of Elton John, Billy Joel and the like.  I have also been when they have Mariachi/Tejano music too.

El Chaparro Mexican Bar & Grill – Located at 5405 FM 1488 Road in Magnolia, I think it is one of the best kept secrets around.  Except on Friday nights!  The place is packed.  Kids eat free on Sunday too.  I order the enchiladas every time I am there, with charro beans.

Caffe de Fiore – The authentic Mexican restaurant with the Italian name.  The owner shared their story the last time we were there.  They took over the space from an Italian restaurant, but before they could change the name, they had already had 2 newspaper write-ups and a spot on the local news.  So the name stuck, as well as a few of the items from the original restaurant, such as pizza and gelato!  Their mole sauce is fabulous and you must save room for the Tres Leches Cake.  Located at 10110 Woodlands Parkway, near FM 2978, it is a great find and I just know you will love it!

La Lupita Mexican Cuisine & Bar – This is a very nice restaurant for date night or weekend people watching.  Located at 20 Waterway Ave, they have a very nice patio that hugs the open concert space at the Waterway.  I enjoyed the tacos el pastor, and the sangria and margaritas are pretty good too (FYI – I have gone on more than one occasion, in case you might think I sampled the entire bar menu in one night!)  They have mixed reviews on various sites, but I enjoyed my food and service when I was there.

Now that you are super hungry, I will say most restaurants in the area seem to be excessively crowded on Friday nights, but not so much other nights of the week.  Enjoy your own “research”, and viva la Tex Mex!

Amy McLaughlin Personal Concierge

Amy McLaughlin
Personal Concierge




20 More Weeks til’ Christmas…What?

Lately, I’ve been seeing  social media posts about how many weeks there are until Christmas. Yes – you read that right…CHRISTMAS! Many retail stores are putting Christmas items out already – already. Did I miss a memo or something? It’s still August, right?

It’s CRAZY out there, folks! And, for this procrastinator, my heart is starting to palpitate just thinking about Christmas, even at 20 weeks away. I mean, I’m just trying to focus on school supply shopping right now. I can’t even begin to think about Christmas. I’m actually quite proud of myself – I only have 5 more items left to get, and school doesn’t start for 4 more days!

And just as I was basking in the pride of actually being ready for my kids to start school,  I read about a family who has been ready for months with all the right school supplies and all the right dress code appropriate attire for all 8 of their children and the perfect little Pinterest gifts for all their teachers and of course the principal, assistant principal, front desk staff,  janitors, cafeteria workers, and the counselor.  (Whew!)  

And no doubt, those same parents will bake cookies for the whole class on the first day with some little frosting message that rhymes and will become their class motto for the whole year.  And then, the principal will like it so much that it becomes the theme for the whole school, and an end of the year celebration honoring the BEST parents in the school who came up with the greatest motto will be attended by the entire community.  And yep, I’ll probably even go too – hanging my head in shame of course!

So, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration.  But, that’s how we tend to process these things. When we feel like we’re falling short  comparing ourselves to others or to certain standards, our emotions affect our intellect, which in turn affects our reality, which then causes us to exaggerate.  We not only exaggerate how “great” we think others are, but we also exaggerate how “terrible” we think we are.  That causes us to feel a sense of failure, which is definitely not a good or even a real thing.

The same goes for relocating.  There are timelines, checklists, and a plethora of things to do and remember.  Have you  ever sat on the couch in your living room with an impending move hanging over your head and thought, “Why haven’t I started packing yet?” Or, have you ever moved into a home and tripped over the same box time and time again and thought to yourself each time, “Why haven’t I unpacked that box yet?”  Do either of these negative questions actually get the packing or unpacking done?  Or, does it just make you feel badly about yourself? I’m guessing the latter of the two.

Here’s my point:  Simply put – GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK!  There’s no contest to win here. No one will die if you’re finishing your packing the night before the truck gets there. And, if boxes remain unpacked for more than what your friends and family deem appropriate standard time, nothing bad will happen to you as a result.  And, say you make a batch of cookies for the movers.  They won’t care that they were bought at the local Piggly Wiggly (southern reference) and not in the shape of cute little trucks with an incredibly witty saying on them showing your undying appreciation for all their efforts.

Whenever you don’t quite hit that packing goal you made for yourself, or you have unpacked boxes lying around the house months after you move in, or whatever standard it is you feel like you don’t live up to…just remember that negative thoughts about yourself or your circumstances exaggerate your reality.  And, you know what?  It’s probably not as bad as you think it is. So, GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK…even, if you’re hitting up Toys R Us on Christmas Eve! 


Julie Adcock Woodlands Relo Group Operations Manager

Julie Adcock
Woodlands Relo Group
Operations Manager


Another Fantastic Relocation Fair

Our 2nd relo fair turned out toIMG_8293 be a huge success! After lots of hard work it was amazing to see the event come together.  The Texas theme made vendors think hard about their home state and come up with creative ideas like sponsoring armadillo races, a mechanical bull, and even a petting zoo.  Transferees had both an amazing time and received tons of information about The Woodlands, which made it a fantastic day!

As soon as you walked into the ballroom, you could see a huge assortment of vendors with their elaborately decorated booths, posters, and banners.  One of them brought a popcorn machine; another brought cupcakes; and a third a pinwheel to raffle frisbees, cups and candy.  Vendors brought many marketing materials such as hats, bags, and brochures to pass around, and the giant RE/MAX balloon made its first appearanceKid1 at a WRG relo fair, which was a great addition to the decoration.  Kids were kept busy while their parents spoke with vendors.  They received all kinds of balloon figures from the Liberty Mutual sponsored table.  The Children’s Museum, sponsored by Wells Fargo, brought fun arts and crafts for them to enjoy.  And last but not least, they played with a fluffy white puppy, bunnies, and ducks at the indoor petting zoo.

The booths and activities weren’t all the transferees were able to enjoy.  Jacci and Jeanne gave great presentations introducing everyone to what our area has to offer.  Relocating can be a little overwhelming because of the TWCC and Canongateamount of research that goes into it.  It’s not just new homes people search for; they need new schools, pediatricians, tutors, dance classes, and soccer clubs to name a few.  This introduction, and the fair in general, gave transferees a minute to relax and see that there are people who will gladly ease what could me a stressful time, and instead make it a memorable experience.

Overall, the relo fair was a great way to kick off the welcome weekend for CB&I transferees.  They experienced a taste of what The Woodlands has to offer and mingled over delicious coffee and breakfast.  This only leaves one question. Can we do this again???


Valeria Rodriguez
WRG Contributor

There’s No Place Like Home…


Isn’t it true?  There really is no place like home! For me, my home is in The Woodlands, Texas.  In my opinion, there’s nothing like it! A few of my favorite things about it…the schools, running trails, the parks, the family atmosphere, the small town feel with big city amenities, the variety of shopping and entertainment, my neighborhood, the ability to live, work and play here, and of course, the beautiful golf courses! I personally can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to call The Woodlands their home!

I was explaining this to a friend of mine the other day.  He lives in an apartment inside the loop in Houston.  I gave him my little sales pitch for living here, and his reply was, “Why would I care about the schools, the family atmosphere, or the neighborhoods? I’m not married, don’t have children, and really prefer not to own a home.”

Hmmmm – he did have a point.

So, perhaps the most incredible thing about The Woodlands isn’t  in the details or the individual amenities it has to offer families.  Perhaps the greatest reason to live in The Woodlands goes back almost 40 years to conceptualization. The Woodlands wasn’t just planned for families like mine.  From the beginning, the “master plan” was for it to become one of the most diverse places to live, work and play  catering to all ages and stages of life.  As The Woodlands continues to grow, we see more corporate development and quality businesses moving in.  Many companies like Chicago Bridge and Iron, Exxon, and Baker Hughes are naming The Woodlands, Texas as their corporate headquarters for those exact reasons.  Brownstones, Waterway apartment buildings, and “city” type living quarters also continue to be developed near corporate landing spaces making a commute minimal or even non-existent. Businesses like Whole Foods, Local Pour, and Trader Joe’s are just a few places that call The Woodlands home.

Relocating to The Woodlands has never been more exciting! There’s so much going on with growth and development.  Incredible amenities and businesses are being added almost on a weekly basis. Will your favorite be next? Or, is it already here? If you are moving to The Woodlands or considering it, I want to encourage you to do your research.  You might be surprised at just how much there is to know and learn about The Woodlands.  There really is no place like home! (especially when your home is in The Woodlands)

Julie Adcock Woodlands Relo Group Operations Manager

Julie Adcock
Woodlands Relo Group
Operations Manager

Exciting Week!

What an exciting week it has been for us here at WRG! (and it’s only Wednesday) Not only have we finally launched our web site, we have joined the world of social media.  Yes, that’s right…the Twitterverse will never be the same!


We’re committed to staying connected to our clients and transferees.  We have worked and will keep working to provide you with up to date resources and information.  Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or LinkedIn for interesting posts including articles, videos, links, and more.

Interested in knowing about the Houston area climate?  Need a night out on the town?  Need to know what the local shopping scene is like?  Or, what about the more immediate needs like finding a school for your children? What kind of utilities are available, and which ones should I use?  Where do I begin to find a new church?

We can help with all these requests and more!  Once you have confirmed you are relocating and receive your log in information, you will have 24 hour access to the destination guides on our site.  It’s like a manual for all things you might need or want to know.  And, for those things you need more information about…well, we have you covered there too.  You have access to your very own personal concierge who is committed to supporting you and your family needs.

And, don’t forget our network of  real estate professionals is there for you too.  Your agent can support you and fill in any gaps you may have.  Remember – you’re not alone!  Use our resources that are now YOUR resources, and let us be more than just helpful…let us be your friend!